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sokka_toph's Journal

The Tokka Sailboat
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Hello and welcome to LJ's first Sokka/Toph community! This community is dedicated to the relationship between Sokka and Toph from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Feel free to share fanworks and have discussions.
- All posts must be related to Sokka and/or Toph in some way. This includes community promotions, icon posts, etc. Please, no promoting "general" communities.
- Disagreeing is ok. Bashing, trolling, flaming, or anything of the sort is not. Discrimintory comments are also forbidden.
- Things to place under a lj-cut: posts with more then 3 icons, images over 350 x 350, AMVs, fanfiction, and anything that requires a rating over PG-13.
- If posting any of the above please label accordingly, tag, and place warnings if need be. (ex. Title, author name, rating, any notes, etc)
- Try not 2 tlak liek dis, plz. Spell check and periods are awesome.
- All CAPSLOCK posts should be made at capslock_tokka.
avatar_incest - A community for incestuous Avatar pairings
resourcebenders - A community for all Avatar information
7_chakras - A challenge community based on the seven chakras.
sokkas_crew - A community dedicated to Sokka
tokka100 - A Tokka drabble community
Wanna affliate? Please contact us and we'll add you.
Your two friendly neighborhood mods are jessieheart and lychii. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, PM, or our personal journals.
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The C2 community for Tokka fanfiction can be found here
The DeviantART club for fanart can be found here
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