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The Tokka Sailboat's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Best Friends [Thu [21.Oct.2010] 07:46PM]

[ mood | creative ]

 Title: Best Friends
Author: freezemachine
Rating: PG 
Summary: It sucked being the best friend. But she'd deal with it. 
Warnings: Kind of sad. 
Author's notes: First fanfiction for A:TLA :) 

Best FriendsCollapse )

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[Tue [18.May.2010] 09:37PM]

Title: I'd Rather Be Arguing With You Than Kissing Somebody Else
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: The finale, in specific.
Character/Pairing: Toph/Sokka
Author's Note: Also known as, “Let's see how many words MC can cram into one sentence!” Written for 1sentence using set Beta. Word count is the sentences only. Thank you to juxtaposie for the beta.
Warnings: There's implied sex and various other things, but it's not too bad.
Summary: A Toph/Sokka 50 sentences challenge. Contains fluff, sarcasm, angst, humor, and everything in between, from all different stages in the relationship. And, of course, contains shenanigans.

( 1,492 words )

I can't believe I never crossposted this. :P
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[Thu [25.Mar.2010] 05:58PM]

Hello ^^ New and thought I'd share my latest =]


Kingdom Hearts [20] (no bbs spoilers - just the opening)
Avatar: The Last Airbender [12]
Final Fantasy 7 (various) [3]


Final Fantasy 7: AC [1]
Final Fantasy IV [1]


Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) [2]
Kingdom Hearts [2]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [1]



HERE @ d3vil_insid3 

(but that icon there in the preview is basically the only sokka.toph icon so LOL)
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[Fri [21.Aug.2009] 04:22PM]

Title: Credit Due
Rating: K
Characters: Sokka, Toph
Summary: “Barium chloride is unstable at room temperature!”
A/N: For [info]tehlobster , a small Escapades-esque fic (using her fireworks prompt) that contains no spoilers.

Occasionally, Toph wondered if Zuko was really aware...)

Title: Kin
Rating: K
Characters: Earth King, Bumi
Summary: The other earth king caught up with him.
A/N: Requested when I opened up prompts a few weeks ago, this is for [info]aerodactylus , who wanted something with the Earth King and Bumi. Kinda vague spoilers for the end of the series? (i.e. what both Bumi and the Earth King were up to by the time things ended, but nothing else major.)

He didn’t even realize people were looking for him...)
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avatar friending meme [Tue [28.Jul.2009] 09:43PM]


Since luthien_26 and I haven't seen an Avatar friending meme before, we thought it might be cool to set up one. It's almost a year ago since Avatar ended and the fandom is still going strong, so we thought it'd be fun to get to know some fellow fans better.

Just click on either the banner or link to get the friending party started. =D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Avatar Friending Meme
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Love Just Is: A Rec List of Under-Appreciated Fics in the Tokka Fandom [Tue [07.Jul.2009] 03:30PM]

Love Just Is: A Rec List of Under-Appreciated Fics in the Tokka FandomCollapse )
If you have any little-known recs to suggest for my list, just drop them in a comment, and I might add them. =)
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FIC: Nightlight [Thu [04.Jun.2009] 09:22PM]

Title: Nightlight
Rating: K+
Characters: Toph/Sokka
Summary: They indulge each other.
A/N:Written as part of my Alphabet Drabbles challenge. Set post series, no real spoilers.

(She has her own room in the Fire Lord’s palace...)

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Drabble: "That's Not Funny" [Tue [26.May.2009] 09:11PM]

[ mood | nervous ]

Ahoy there! New member of the community, but Tokkaneer since Toph and Sokka pretty much met one another. I've been a fanfic writing for quite some time now (couple of years) but this is my first Avatar related story I've ever written, so I'd be very grateful if you all could read and give me some feedback! :D Thanks!

Title: That's Not Funny
Characters: Toph & Sokka
Rating: PG
A/N: Enjoy.Read more...Collapse )

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FIC: By the Seventh Round [Tue [28.Apr.2009] 10:04PM]

Title: By the Seventh Round
Rating: T
Characters: Sokka/Toph
Summary: It's a fight for superiority.

(It’s never just sweet, simple kisses between them...)

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[Fic] 5_loves : Toph/Sokka - truth [Thu [09.Apr.2009] 06:05PM]

Title: truth
: honestly_sangi 
Prompt: 5_loves; theme set: 2, prompt: truth
Word Count: 1520
Rating: PG/K
Characters: Toph/Sokka
Author's Notes: This oneshot did not turn out the way that I planned it to. That, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. Section titles are from the song Falling From Grace by Agnès Milewski.

( On an Earth Kingdom ship, the widow of Avatar Aang makes her way to Kyoshi Island. )

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Layouts! And songs that remind you of Tokka [Sat [07.Mar.2009] 02:10PM]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay, people. This is taking forever, SOOO, if you want to submit a layout...DO IT HERE! Then, we can vote on the layouts, etc.

Hm, also...what songs remind you guys of Tokka? :) I found a song by Taylor Swift, "Your Anything," that isn't on either of her albums, but fits Tokka really well. What's your Tokka playlist?

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Clean Feet, a Tokka Fanfic [Tue [03.Mar.2009] 09:54PM]

Hiya, I just joined and even though it's pretty dead around here I thought I'd share my most recent fanfic.

Title: Clean Feet
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character/Pairing: Toph/Sokka
Rating: Just barely an M to be safe.
Summary: Toph always liked having dirty feet. Can Sokka convince her otherwise?
Authors Note: Just a little plot bunny that popped up. I just feel that Tokka doesn't get enough fic dealing with their physical relationship, so I wrote one. ^_^ Constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

Follow the fake cut to the fic )
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Fanart [Sat [14.Feb.2009] 12:52PM]

[ mood | awake ]

I drew some Tokka fanart, hope you enjoy! Click on thumbnail for full view :)

A dab of Happiness

Chibi Tokka

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Happy Tokka Week and Valentine's! [Sun [08.Feb.2009] 12:14PM]

I bring fic for both, of course. :D Fake cut goes to my journal. :)

Title: The Monkey on Your Back
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Character/Pairing: Toph/Sokka
Author's Note: I started this one a while back but never finished. However, it's Tokka Week again, just in time for Valentine's, and the first day's prompt is "Shenanigan." Title comes from the song Anyone Else But You. Be proud of me; it's my first not-drabble in months! :P
Warnings: Pretty much unbeta'd, alcohol.
Summary: More Toph/Sokka shenanigans, this time on Ember Island about five years post-war. Enjoy!

( 1,214 words )

X-posted to avatar_fans
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headers for the new layout [Tue [03.Feb.2009] 09:41PM]

These are my contributions for the new layout.

headersCollapse )
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Lookit :D [Tue [03.Feb.2009] 05:21PM]

Live preview here

The banner turned out kinda wonky, but I'll fix it later when I'm not sick of photoshop :D

Edit: Fergot my credits

Stylesheet by: appleleaf
Fanart by: lilsuika

I can't remember where I got the brushes. But I'll find it and add it.
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New Layout? [Tue [27.Jan.2009] 10:19AM]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Not that our current one isn't okay, but the gray color and banner is kind of...dull, to be honest. D: And it's tiresome to have to turn my head every time I want to read an entry, lol.

So...what do you guys think? Is it time for a new layout? Maybe? And it might get the comm moving again, who knows. :)

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New Icon Challenge Community [Fri [16.Jan.2009] 04:04AM]


title or description
atladicontest .

A community that is dedicated to weekly icontests featuring the beautiful, strong, and badass female cast of the hit television show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. From princesses to bandits, circus freaks to sugar queens, and even bounty hunters- it's all about the lovely ladies.

This community is looking for more members to join in and participate, seeing as it has just been opened :)
All iconmakers of any talent are welcome, and you don't have to be a maker to participate- we can always get help with the voting and such.

The first challenge will be posted when we have enough members to begin, so click here to join!
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